As the second largest city in Slovakia, Košice is of a big historical and cultural significance. Did you know for example, that Košice Peace Marathon is the oldest European marathon and the second oldest in the whole world? It has been held since 1924.

Košice belongs to the Abov cultural region. Abov was settled by Homo erectus and Homo sapiens sapiens since paleolithic era.

During the rule of Luxemburg dynasty, Abov became one of the most densely populated areas of The Kingdom of Hungary. Local and foreign trade quickly developed. After Turkish invasion Košice were often used as an important administrative center. Košice became an important stop for traders from Eastern Europe, Poland and Russia.

The term Abov was forgotten for some time. People started to use it again after the revolutionary year of 1989. Košice and the area in its close proximity today represents one half of the historical Abov, so called Upper Abov.

Not only did we preserve the Abov dialect (words like ašak, bačik, basmuha, biglajz, dumať, gombovce) but also several bizzare recipes, for example „Noodles with plum marmalade and greaves“ or hungarian sounding food „Čeregy“ (some kind of a curd doughnut). You can find these recipes in the link bellow.

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