Illustrations – children's books

Pretty illustrations are a must have in any children´s book. Children often choose books if they like pictures inside. We were the same as kids. I´m sure everyone has at least 1 favorite book from their childhood, that looks completely destroyed. It doesn´t matter if our parents or teachers got angry at us for that. It´s actually those books that look like they are in a perfect "right of the shelf" condition that spark suspicion, because they were most likely lying in bookcases untouched and unread. Which is a shame, because the simplest and most effective way to draw children to reading is reading with them or for them since childhood. Colorful pictures will not only catch their attention, but can strike a conversation between parents and children. That is, if they read books together.

Pictures can help children to better remember a story or poem and encourage reading comprehension. This is especially important for younger readers, since they vocabulary is still limited. Book illustrations can also increase interest in art and inspire children to create their own artwork.

I made these illustrations for a book called Zrodila sa básnička for a debuting writer Irena Pauková. I was also in charge of the whole graphic design, layout and typography choice. I made sure, that the spacing and font is large enough, so it is easily readable by younger children. You can order this book online from an e-shop martinus:

author of the text and graphic design: Miroslava Pavlinská | webdesign, graphic design and photography

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