Business cards

How to effectively use business cards during the coronavirus pandemic

Having business cards at hand is a clear sign, that you are always ready and professional in your approach towards the customer. It allows to share not just your basic contact information, but through the design of the card itself also your personality and style.

However, what is a box full of business cards good for, if it´s just sitting on shelf collecting dust?

In times when you cannot communicate with people in person, as is the case in year 2020, you need to be creative. If you have an e-shop you can attach 1-2 business cards to the package that is ready to be sent to the customer. Not everybody will remember the site they ordered the product from. Newsletter in e-mail often ends up in spam. But a well designed business card makes it easier for customers to stay in contact with you even if they are not or can´t be behind the computer or on their iPhones right now.

When your company is sending catalogue to your customers or discount coupons, you can add a few business cards to them as well.

It is true, that contact information is published on the invoice, but customers usually just throw these away after paying. Business cards fit comfortably into a wallet, so there is much more probability, that customers will keep it or give it to someone else interested in your products.

author of the text and graphic design: Miroslava Pavlinská | webdesign, graphic design and photography

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