These pictures were taken in ports, Amsterdam Zoo, national Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and streets of a small town called Edam. We bought an excellent cheese there (and it wasn´t Edam).

First thing people ask us when we talk about our vacation in Netherlands is: „Did you buy drugs there?“ Their eyes lit up out of curiosity and for a short moment they hold their breaths. And we answer: „No, we didn´t.“

Dovoľte mi to objasniť. Áno, Holandsko ponúka na predaj marihuanu v špecializovaných obchodíkoch (kaviarničkách), a niekedy aj v trafike. Často sa však musí skonzumovať priamo na mieste. Tieto kaviarničky musia mať licenciu od mesta. Tretina z nich sa nachádza v Amsterdame. Predaj marihuany mimo týchto licencovaných kaviarní sa trestá odňatím slobody. Bližšie informácie o legálnosti, respektíve nelegálnosti spomínanej drogy zistíte v tomto zaujímavom článku: Ako ďalej s Marihuanou?

We spent three weeks in Netherlands, including Amsterdam. During the whole time we never saw anyone taking drugs and only a few entered these coffee shops. All of them were nearly empty and most of them were located in city center, which is highly frequented by tourists. Together witch Museum of sex and sex shops.

Sex shops looked just as abandoned as coffee shops. We did visit Museum of sex. The museum wasn´t as vulgar as it sounds. Well, okay, there was this red alley with rather daring pornography pictures… But most of the exhibits were meant to be taken with humor. A few of the photographs from the museum are shown in our slideshow Čo sa oplatí vidieť v Holandsku.

If you want to visit Netherlands just out of the sheer perverted curiosity, you will most likely walk away disappointed. Anything you might have heard, is exaggerated.

author of the text and photographs: Miroslava Pavlinská | webdesign, graphic design and photography

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