Sweden in all its beauty

Have you ever wished to be able to read outside at night? No? Never mind.
We still think you will love Sweden. Not only can you read a book outside at midnight, as there is so much light, that you wouldn´t be able to fall asleep even if you wanted to, but mainly because of all the possibilities when it comes to tourism in a beautiful Swedish nature.

We visited Ekopark Omberg and National park Tiveden. Some moss in there is as old as a dinosaurs. You will be stunned by how clean and intact Swedish nature is compared to many forests in Slovakia.

Of course, all the energy spent on several hours long walk must be recharged with something sweet. If you spend some time in Swedish towns, you will surely notice stalls and stores offering polkagris. Polkagris is a traditional Swedish lollipop. It can have different shapes. The most common is a candy cane.

We were lucky and saw the entire process of making polkagris through the window of one of the shops. Polkagris tastes best when it is still warm. It is soft and has a consistency of chewing gum. Cold polkagris is hard and less impressive in terms of taste, but that´s ok. The interior of the store looks like it came straight from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Are you curious how this traditional candy is made? The whole process can be seen in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw2DX-J2rz4.

Sweden was for a long time the most beautiful destination we have ever been. Then came Albania a now we are trying to decide, which country was more beautiful. They are pretty much on the same level.

It´s cold there, right?

No, it´s not. Of course, we recommend not to underestimate anything. If you decide to visit Sweden, don´t forget to pack warm clothes and proper shoes. But do not let an occasional discomfort discourage you, because Sweden is a destination that is definitely worth visiting.

author of the text and photographs: Miroslava Pavlinská
www.miragrafik.sk | webdesign, graphic design and photography

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