It´s not enough to just have a banner. You need to have a great one.
So, what are the criteria for a banner to consider it great? Visual appeal is without a doubt very important but so is user experience.

1. A great banner must not be annoying at any cost
Pop-up banners are very common, but not so fortunate marketing solution. Many visitors automatically search for the cross icon when one of these show up. Nothing annoys a website user more than a forced ad. And if you overdo it, than there is no wonder, that a customer will go over to your competition.

2. A banner should show up mainly to the chosen target group
It increases the probability that a potencial customer will actually buy the merchandise. If we know, that someone often buys sports equipment, ads for thermal underwear will be certainly more relevant to him than an ad for an eyeshadow palette. Thankfully, today there is no problem setting the ads according to your visitor´s preferences.

3. There shouldn´t be too much text on it and the text should be comprehensible
This is true also for a printed banners and billboards. Theme should be clear at first sight. If you are using metaphors, idioms or slang, make sure that the phrase is well known at least to the target group, but ideally to everyone.

author of the text and graphic design: Miroslava Pavlinská | webdesign, graphic design and photography

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